Fairy tale river Stora Laxa, Iceland

We left Scandinavia’s high pressures and it was truly refreshing to get some cold winds and rain. As you probably know you don’t go to Iceland for the weather! We drove up to what probably is the most scenic river in the whole wide world – the Stora Laxa. I have been fortunate to fish beat 4 before and also caught some nice fish. This time the river was in prefect conditions and a bit of a light rain made it perfect. Stora is one of the few rivers in Iceland where quite big flies can be effective. I fished a few pools posed for a million photos and the rest was 3 lost fish and 2 landed. The biggest I lost was probably around 8 kilos and the biggest landed around 4… A great day’s fishing. The floater and an extremely slim but quite long Dee Samurai were what produced most takes. Because of the book project we actually fished with a guide. Thorir Grétar was not only a great guy and a new good friend but also knew the river extremely well. 20 years experience is very important. Tomorrow we go down to the lower beats!