Dream day in Alta!

The first day in Alta is over! This, the first trip to Alta this year for me is an interesting project. Film making about wild fish compared to farmed, and I’m asked to join. Behind the project is Yvon Chouinard and Patagonia. So now we are here... Yvon, Mark Harbaugh, Toni Corenius and I. A few days fishing and a few days filming... The first day was amazing. One day in "Killiströmmen" gave 10 fish! Five big salmon and five grilse. The highlight was when Mark broke his pb with a fantastic 16 kilos. I had one 11- and one 10-kilos, a super start on an exciting trip. I fished in the middle layer and it was a Pahtakorva 12 cm which gave me my fish. Mark had his on a 12 cm Vaehaeniva. One of my fish I landed after a fantastic fight from Lamas down to Haraldholmen, crazy runs following by boat.. Happiness!! Tomorrow we going up to the odious dam, dive down by the damn fish farms and get ready for Barilla!