Exciting days which probably will be important... Today there was no fishing, but only filming for the new project about the importance of the wild salmon and whole ecosystems. We started with a visit at the hideous power plant and the dam, the monument of human madness and failure! We went to the trap for escaped farmed salmon and then out on the fjord. The Alta fjord is filled with fish farms. The escapies are hundreds of thousand and the genetic pollution on the best salmon river in the world is already a fact! We put on our wetsuits and went down under the surface. A terrifying experience! That the fish would look so ill and that it would be so disgusting was worse than I ever could have believed. It was simply sickening! Salmon with fungus, big wounds, distorted bodies and insanity like nothing else! Wonder what people would say if this was happening above the surface!? Whatever you do - DON’T EAT FARMED NORWEGIAN SALMON!