Big fish for me!

Finally, I would get to fish Langehölen, the holding pool that fished best in recent years. The morning rain was unfortunately once again replaced with a blue sky and a merciless sun - crap! I fished my way down the pool with a little green samurai - the same fly that gave me a 15 kg last year. The sunshine helped enough to make the fish hesitant, after that I switched to a little faster line and a size bigger Samurai things started happening! A long heavy pull and a long heavy fight gave a sealiced 14 kilos! Wow, amazing! After we switched sides I had the next deep and heavy take. In all honesty, I was greatly deceived. Long time I thought I was playing a 20 kilo but when the fish finally capitulated weighed it in at 14.5 kg. A fantastic pair! Öynahölen where I previously had been lucky yielded nothing... The water is rising fast, now up 50 cm since we arrived. Next week will certainly be unbelievably good!