PM #08 – Nasty Banana Nobody

Introducing the 8th pattern in the series!
The Nasty Banana is a great option a clear day on the humus tinted river. Many versions on this concept have been tried. We prefer this a bit to the brownish-olive side, it’s discrete but visible. We fish it with the gold FITS steering tube, but also with black or bronze or with the full Banana body like tied in this month’s film. We prefer to fish them quite small, seldom over 6-8 cm. On the TTT or BTT they are easy to tie and to get the right drop formed profile. This month Mikael first show how to use the new member of the FITS family – The Brass Turbo Tube. The BTT version gives a super light extremely mobile and translucent fly that swims like nothing you’ve seen before!

This Pattern of the Month pack consist of:

– SOS Organizing Wallet medium
– Pattern of the Month #08 Nasty Banana sticker
– FITS Tubing Gold M
– FITS Tubing Fluor Yellow XS
– Mirage tinsel
– FITS Brass Turbo Tubes S + M + L
– FITS Tungsten Turbo Cones Metallic Brown Micro
– SSS Holo Braid Alta Gold
– SSS Holo Braid Nasty Rusty
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Nasty Rusty
– SSS Angel Hair HD Nasty Rusty
– SSS Angel Hair Nasty Rusty
– Olive speckled cocks hackle
– Olive metz soft hackle
– Teal feathers
– Banana yellow soft fox hair
– Banana yellow/ black tipped soft fox hair
– Pahtakorva brown soft fox hair
– Bleached and dyed peacocks feather
– Jungle cock substitute

Fly of the Month pack consist of:

– SALAR Supreme X Fly Wallet Medium
– 3 x Nasty Banana TTT Nobody 3 cm 
– 3 x Nasty Banana TTT Nobody 6 cm 

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