PM #01 – Pahtakorva TTT Nobody

Introducing our new fly tying series: Pattern of the Month. Every month we will give you a new instructional film. Mikael will tie some of his best flies, show his tying tricks and share the ideas behind our best patterns. Together with this we introduce a subscription service. You can subscribe to either a pack with all the materials or a pack of ready flies. This is a great way to discover some of our innovative patterns, learn how to tie them and fill up your boxes and wallets. Subscribe—sit back—and get ready for a new exciting fly tying experience every month!

Pahtakorva is our best-known pattern. A fly that has taken tens of thousands of great fish on salmon rivers around the world. A fantastic fly voted the best fly on the world’s best salmon river: The Alta. It’s a general fly–a fly that works on various conditions. This TTT version is a hot modern pattern that now is the no.1 on our catching list. It was natural for us to start our film series and subscription service with this great fly – enjoy!

This Pattern of the Month pack consists of: 

– SOS Organizing Wallet Medium
– Pattern Of the Month Pahtakorva sticker
– FITS Tubing Bronze & Fluor Orange Medium 
– FITS Tubing Black XS 
– FITS Tungsten Turbo Tubes Metallic Orange & Copper Medium 
– FITS Micro Metallic Orange Tungsten Turbo
– Mirage Tinsel
– SSS Holo Braid Gold & Nasty Rusty
– SSS Angel Hair Nasty Rusty
– SSS Angel Hair HD Pahtakorva Bronze
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Black
– Whiting Orange Badger Cocks Hackle
– Whiting Orange Dyed Speckled Hen Hackle
– Black Soft hackle
– Medium Fiery Brown Soft Hair
– Large Fiery Brown Soft Hair
– Synthetic Jungle Cock Substitute
– Orange Dyed Peacock Eye Feather

This Fly of the Month pack consist of:

– Pahtakorva TTT Nobody 9 cm x 2
– Pahtakorva TTT Nobody 6 cm x 2
– Pahtakorva TTT Nobody 3 cm x 2
– Small SALAR Supreme Fly Wallet 

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