Nanook TTT Nobody – Quick Tie

Here's a little film from a demonstration tying in Gothenburg a few weeks ago. Sorry for the Swedish – you may turn off the sound or use translation if it bothers you.

This little special fly got its name from the white powerful hunter in the north. Nanook is a clear water fly. Mikael very often vary his sunshine flies from light blue to light green. In this pattern, we mixed the colours and got a nice sunshine fly that works well in both the greenish and bluish river. This fly has been in Mikael’s box since the late 80’s.

THE PATTERN (click the links to shop)

Thread: 12/0 SSS Stealth 
: Blue Metallic or Chartreuse Metallic FITS TTT + Fluor Blue or Fluor Chartreuse XS FITS Tubing
First hackle: Chartreuse coq de leon
Wing: Diamond Pearl SSS Angel Hair HD, white soft hair, Clearwater Blue and Hot Greenlander SSS Angel Hair, mixed light blue and lime green soft hair. A few strands natural light grey soft hair.
Sides: Domestic jungle cock or synthetic substitute in light lime green
Front hackle: Chartreuse or light blue ostrich hackle (or both), natural ”Ghost Grey” grizzly soft hackel/coq de leon hen hackle
Cone: Silver, Chartreuse Metallic or Blue Metallic Micro FITS Tungsten Turbo

Loose bodies: Pearl White, Silver or Glow M FITS Tubing, Diamond Pearl Holo Braid, Clearwater Blue or Hot Greenlander Green SSS Glitz Dubbing, with out without chartreuse or natural badger hen hackle 

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