PM #29 – Micro Samurais

695 kr


Mid-season is normally quite warm, and rivers are on summer levels. This wet year many rivers have a good flow but still a small slim and light fly can be deadly effective. The Micro Samurai design can be tied either on a regular XS FITS plastic tube or maybe preferably on a small BTT. Tie them slim and light, fish them fast! A design and technique that again and again proven to save the hardest of salmon fishing days.


– SOS Organizing Wallet S
– Micro Samurais sticker
– FITS Tubing Black M
– FITS Tubing Orange M
– FITS Tubing Clear M
– FITS Tubing Black XS
– FITS Tubing Blue XS
– FITS Tubing Orange XS
– FITS Brass Turbo Tubes Black Nickel S
– FITS Brass Turbo Cones Black Micro
– FITS Brass Turbo Cones Silver Micro
– FITS Brass Turbo Cones Gold Micro
– SSS Dubbing Gaudy Green
– SSS Dubbing Hot Orange In Flames
– SSS Dubbing Sea Lice Silver
– Mirage tinsel
– Black mini marabou hackle
– Small black straight hair
– Small white straight hair
– Synthetic jungle cock substitute