FITS – Frödin Improved Tube System, the original Scandinavian tube system that have changed tube fly tying world wide forever. Here you find the original coloured tubing that Mikael Frödin was the first one to start using. You also find the original turbo cones that revolutionized the thoughts behind a fly that would move water, create turbulence and make soft materials swim like nothing before. The two needles will take all possible tubes and hold them good for easy fly tying. The newest little genius tube TTT – the Tungsten Turbo Tube is made for the simple fly with the loose hanging hook, a truly great invention. The cone system is three different cone designs, regular, Turbo and 1/2 Turbo. Cones that create everything from a slim to a very wide profile of the fly. All in tungsten to balance best and a variation of no less than 17 colours. Remember – There's Only One Original!