Wednesday - Tolstoy!

Today Anders sleept in after fishing late and got some salmon late last night. Sasha our great and knowledgeable guide and I flew to Norway Pool. We would fish down to the camp until lunch. I like Norway, an exciting big fish pool. A gently pull on the straight line gave a few minutes of absolut crazy fight. Some high jumps and a ferocious 70 m run before the salmon got of - crap! But it was just to laugh out loud at the madness. Approximately 14 degrees C in the water and fish in fantastic condition is propably what makes the fights this year crayzier than ever! Eventually we reached Tolstoy pool - one of my favorites. A deep rock edge and a long fine tail with many big rocks - here fish always rest. Sure Sasha are probably right that it is better later in the season but but ... a little Dee Sheep gave a nice fish far down in the tail. After a few hours sleep taking care of my cold in bed, it was time for the Home Pool. A few nice fish were the results and another fantastic day in the Atlantic Salmon Reserve was over. The fast fished tiny small fly is now superior!