Wednesday - Lower Litza

Today was a colder day with wind from north och a water temperature going down to 13 degrees. I went with Manfred from Austria and Alex from Russia to the beat in Lower Litza. We landed next to Raindeer och it didn´t take long before they both were in contact with salmon. But they were too eager to hook and lost some… To hook a salmon is complicated if you hurry - it´s all about letting the fish take the fly and turn over it. After lunch I went down to Classics and today I decided to fish my single hand rod. 10 feet, class 8 is perfect! I had two grilse before I walked down to Military Pool. But it was completely dead. Odd - the seals might have been there… Up in Classics again I had a fantastic 5 kilos, it fought like crazy. 50 meters down in the rapids and up again - wow! Up in Snowbank I had 20 minutes before the helicopter would arrive. Then I had a grilse and on the ”last throw”, a hard take! After a dramatic and very fast fight I landed a 7 kilos. Fantastic - 5 fish in 2 hour fishing. Tomorrow I´ll be going to my favorite pool - Lower Tent!
After the dinner i tied a few flies. The atmosphere in the camp is great. Not strange though - 18 + salmon and today Frans caught the first over 30 lbs, in Kharlovka Falls. Well done Frans!