TTT Golden Samurai – Step by Step

Black flies, as we all know, never goes out of style. Neither does the aggressive profile of a rather slim and well tapered wing. The combination of this with a little bit of flash and glimmer makes a winner any day of the season. 

Black and gold is a combination I’m willing to fish anywhere, anytime. It catches fish in everything from glaciers rivers with the blueish tint to the very most humus colored forest rivers.

Here’s a little step-by-step on how I tie and build my Samurais:

TubeGold S FITS Tungsten Turbo Tube + Black XS FITS Tubing
Tying thread: Black 12/0 SSS Thread
BodyAlta Gold + Charcoal Black SSS Glitz Dubbing 
Wing: Yellow/sunburst underwing followed by a slim a very well tapered black over wing (stiffer hair materiels are preferred) 
SidesJungle cock
Front hackelBlack soft hackel
Cone: Yellow Metallic FITS Tungsten Turbo Cone Micro 

//Erik Waagbø Nerland