Thursday week 2

Today it was time to go to Guys pool, this gorgeous pool that that god made to be fished with a fly. I have had great days here before. Today I was without Anders who decided to sleep in – wrong decision! To make a long story short the pool was full of big fish waiting for me. One turn thru gave me 5 nice fish, two lost and a few pulls. They where all great salmon from 14-21 lbs. Once again it was the new Zebra fished fast on a 1/3/5 that was working great. I fished it on a big downstream belly to get maximum speed. On the left side I hooked a magnificent fish that after taking me 100m into my backing left me with two burned fingertips…. Lost! Shit shit and shit again! That fish I would have wanted to se! The day was ended with a 16 lbs in Upper canyon and two lost fish from Falls.
A day to remember!