Thursday - The big one!

Today it was time to go fishing with Jakob and HÅkan - delightful!
We landed at Dream pool and it was not long before Jakob hooked and landed a grilse on the neck. He’s getting sharp now - " the little smolt". We crossed the river and I fished the top of Mickey Mouse and Jacob the tail. I had a fish that pulled in three different flies but I could convince it to take. Jacob shooted and after a nice fight, he landed a salmon in 20 lbs class - his new personal best! The second of the week! Hakan tlost a big fish and then landed a nice 12-pounder in dream. We went down stream and Jacob took a grilse at Ledge. After lunch was it time for me. I came down to the Upper tent hung on a heavy sinking line in the deep upper and first got a grilse and then there was fish on again. A quiet start was changed into hard rocking and a real long run. When the fish threw it self in a meter high jump there was more than 130 meters out - big fish! After a long dramatic fight I landed my biggest so far this year and the biggest for the week. 104 cm and more than 14 kg, a colored male which obviously got its freedom back. The evening gave a few fish and the world’s best restaurant offered the usual salmon steak dinner - a day to remember! 10 salmon for the three of us after that Hakan got a 22 lbs in Mirror! To share a day like this with your son and best friend is magic!