Third & fourth day!

We went to Bulvero and Toppen. It was here one of the 55 lbs were caught! I fished down and in the middle of the best place came the long awaited slow take, but it never really tightened up. It was perhaps the 4 th bigger salmon that were there and pulled - shit! We got some grilse as consolation. In the evening we fished Vaeliniva-this amazing place that always holds big fish. The take came from the land, from the right side on a long line. Big Fish! It come slowly up to me, took some line and then it was gone ... shit again!
I was on another colored little bigger salmon otherwise it was incredibly slow. Pål got a 15 pounder the last hour otherwise we capitulate to only 25 grilse as a total catch. The stickiest Alta fishing I experienced!