The new FITS Tungsten Turbo Tubes!

Now we are launching the new FITS Tungsten Turbo Tubes. I must say that they really give super cool and extremely effective flies! A bit of weight, but still opening up for great swimming with soft materials. There are many ways to use them, integrate them in the flies or tie direct on for “Pluppis stile” flies with loose hanging hooks. My favorite way to use them so far is to tie direct on and finish off on the XS FITS Tubing with a micro turbo cone. Maybe FITS TTT is my coolest invention since I launched the Turbo Cone idea now 15 years ago. They come in three sizes and four standard colors – visit your favorite fly tying store or have a look in our little web shop!

…but do they work? Yes - fantastically well or what about the first fish on the large size prototype, weighing in at 16,6 kg or 36 lbs!

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