On Sunday it was time to coach Tim, the youngest in the group and his Scottish partner. We fished Falls and Guys without anything happening, yes Tim had a pull but that was all. Self I fished the afternoon Upper Canyon and Golden and a couple of "pockets" in Washing Mashine without so much as a pull - there are few fish in the river. It was another day of tropical heat, not a cloud and a water temperature that afternoon reached pretty unbelievable 16.5 degrees! The normal fishing in neopren waders, primaloft and a water temperature just above zero and a cold north wind whistling , feels incredibly far away. Today was a race against the weather and the salmon will not rise. The few that do exist here press because of the merciless sun. The group that consists of veterans and rookies is fantastic, the atmosphere is perfect entrusted to Tuesday gave no catches at all. I think this is the first completely blank day I experienced on the Kharlovka Kharlovka!