Sun sun sun... Now Laerdal!

I am sorry being a bit lazy not blogging like I should… the 26-30 degrees and slow fishing put me down a bit, but here’s a short report. We have now finished our Bolstad fishing. Slow fishing but on an exciting classic river. To sum up the days we got 8 fish to the bank with Bjørns 14 kilos 110 cm wild female to be the biggest. Myself I landed 3 fish but not the expected size. A 12 lbs wild female from Straumen being the biggest. That fish took a fast simple fly fished quite high. It was great to see this also being a wild fish. Even though the river has been stocked for years all our fish were wild! Nature is superior to man – it’s simple and obvious! Several of the fish took on retrieve, it’s quite clear that we more or less all the time fish our flies to slow, on a low, clear and quite warm river like this the downstream belly is often not enough. To get interest we need an even faster fly! Now we have moved over to Laerdal. We passed Naeröydalselva and with its 6 cubics it was not as tempting is it usually is. Öje is probably the best Laerdal beat but now very tricky. Low and clear 30 degrees C in the shadow and a bright blue sky. We have 3 days… it will be 3 nights. I will get back tomorrow with first report!