Spring fishing on the Em

It’s a super hectic time of the year… directly from South America to Em and back home again to the new fantastic tube system! The time isn’t enough…

However, the Em fishing was really joyful. I believe it might have gone 20 years since the fishing was this good! After two weeks fishing, over 500 sea trouts had been caught. Reports say it could be a new spring record. The fish was caught and released by Lennart Stark and weighed 12,1 kilos! The second day gave me full pot, honestly without any doubts… All the well-known spots had fish that took the flies!

The fish were bigger compare to last year, which’s promising for the future. Fishing pal Håkan and I had our fish and I managed to land a fresh 7 kilos! Actually one of the biggest fresh sea trouts I’ve had trought my almost 35 years of fishing the Em. A super fish taking a Black Doctor flash tyed with one of the new Tungsten Turbo cones!