Second day, casting competions, rain rain and Kharlovka speech

The second day was the weather gods definitely against us all.The rain poured down from early morning, although there were hundreds participating in today’s casting competitions. International rules of both single handed as double handed. From inside the tent where I gave my presentation I saw with admiration on the Russians who did not seem to care the least about the harsh weather - the Russians are tough, but I knew that already! St. Petersburg lokal tv newsl interviewed and so also their nationwide hunting and fishing magazine - a little strange given that everything went through translator - but it did go OK i hope!

The lecture from Kharlovka / Litza was received with great interest and special was that Justin McCarthy the rivers great camp manger were on hand to anseer questions. I received a nice hand painted Pahtakorva as thanks for coming and all in all it was a very successful event.