Second day!

The second day I was up 5 out in the darkness to hunt the large sea trout. I fished carefull with a large black "Barrett Bimbo" In the dark and with a smaller rubberleged Pahta In the first light. The take was not until it was quite bright at 11 times this morning. Carefully the trout sucked in the fly in Ancarkronas pool. Two heavy pulls then it was gone - crap crap crap! The day became a glorious “britt summer” day with over 20 degrees in the shade. Best of the day was the classic launch at the mansions garden. Many old scarred Em veterans, warm swedish punch, and stories of the good old days, a lovely event - Thank you! The afternoon and evenings fishing was affected by the nice weather and entrusted all experience at the pools no fush was landed .