Ready for Russia! ...or am I?

Tied like mad for Russia! Maybe I should stop and pack my skies & skates instead? They are having the worst winter in 80 years, ice still on the river, meters of snow and the week is cancelled! …but I am going anyway! What the hell... going for a new experience! Osankas are there (under the ice?) and maybe maybe.. it’s possible to find a fresh fish in the estuary.

I tied a few big BIG flies… some pretty cool actually. Pahtas and Witches are the same but couldn’t help adding a little teal hackle to the Zebras, liked it so put a few on the Greenlanders too – nice I think! Also gave the Green Samuraies an extra green grizzly softhackel – maybe good we will see! If you want to follow me to the ice I will blog as usual…

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