Monday Rock Island - 8 salmon!

Last night I sneaked away ..... down to Rock Island my favo pool here I think. Once thru the pool gave three fine salmon 10, 14 and 18 pounds. I fished my Lxi 13.7 9/10 and a new favourit line float/2/4 wow what a combination it is! Some tackle just want to marry each other, this is such a combination! A turn thru and three landed fish. Home again, I could not help but fished Home pool. First take by the stone - 16 lbs and then I lost one before I landed one 13-pounder which unfortunately had swollowed and bled. 02:30 I was back in bed. Head snrrade full of salmon are awesome!
Today’s fishing was first home pool where I carelessly brooked one of - 2 hours in bed after lunch to cure my cold and then Rock Island again! I got another couple of nice fish now float / hoover / 2 line and a smaller Samurai. I tried then the neck and right at the tail I was into a fish. A mad half hour later slipped a sealiced 24 lbs male in at my feet-awesome! It took a little yellow / black ’Hamilton’. Anders also got him a few fish and we were back with big smiles and the cap full of scales and longtail sealice! We are doing good - a little faster fly and a straight line is what i think helps!