Last day - not again...

We started by going up to Törmenen. Kjetil went first and I fished behind him with a bit bigger fy fished deeper, a good tactic. Furthest down cam the pull, but nothing on the hook, shit… Then we went down to Hareströmmen, one of my favorite spots. Kjetil had a nice 7 kilos up in the stream where I had three pulls on the same drift, same one…? maybe… I fished from the bank, an hard wind made it difficult to reach. Kjetil fished from the boat and furthest down it took, a fat 100 cm female, beautiful!

After the food we went down over. I lost a fat grilse in Valliniva and had one one the tail. Longer cast, a perfect one, you know when the fly start fishing the same second it touches the water… The swirl came right away, a hard take. Big one once again… at least 15 kilo… I went like a bullet down to the tail and then up again. Pressure, 0.47… it ran again, fair down 70-80 meter up and around on the surface. It went down to the rocks and I was afraid I would lose it. Maybe I hooked it too hard? Suddenly it let go… fu.. not again! The second lost 15-20 kilos in two days. Hmm… maybe I hooked it too hard anyway, but if I would’ve hooked it more carefully I probably would’ve said I should’ve hook it harder… You get some & you lose some. Painful!

I had a last one, a nice 6-7 kilos in Godaniemi. It took a fat Zebra. The Zebra which has taken many salmon on many different rivers by now, clearly a new favorite. Drinks on the porch in the paradise. 11 salmon in four days and the adventure is over for this time.