Kent reporting from the openingdays on the Tweed

We have been comimg from Sweden to fish the opening days on the Tweed for some years now. This year, my friend Magnus Klintheim, was fortunate enough to catch the first fish of the season at L. Floors. We had a wonderful couple of days on the river and it was nice to see such quality springers, all into double figures. The 18 lbs from Lees on the Friday was in absolute mint condition, and my largest springer from the river to date. We come to start the salmon season on the Tweed for two main reasons: To pay homage to the river’s wonderful and unsurpassed angling history and due to the fact that the Tweed is a wild fish river, free from any experimental hatchery operations. On behalf of my friends, I would like to thank all people involved in working with this excellent river. You can truley be proud of yourselves.

/Kent Hakansson, Fishery manager, Sweden