Going sea trout fishing!

Tomorrow it’s time for some TV filming, this time sea trout fishing here in Sweden. Really looking forward to it! Tied a small box on the new FITS TTT (Turbo Tungsten Tubes). It’s fast, easy and the flies look super deadly! Check out each photo where I told you a bit about the flies...

FITS Tungsten Turbo Tubes in stores now!

Thunder Spey
One of my best fall sea trout flies. This I tied on a small TTT, used ostrich for the orange hackle, heron for the black and a small grizzly blue Chicabou. Only three hackles and JC and finishing with a micro FITS Tungsten Turbo cone.

This little version gave me a couple of dozen of big fish last year! It’s tied on a small TTT with a soft wing, some SSS Nasty Rusty AH fibers and two Chicabous, grizzly orange and black. The cone is a micro FITS Tungsten Turbo.

Great for the dark. I even tried to do a couple on the FITS TTT even if the flies for the dark should be quite light. On a floater this will give me great control! SSS Rainbow from Hell AH HD, black soft wing, Nasty Rusty AH, 5 black dyed pea cock herls. The hackles are ostrich and chicabou. I tie in the ostrich hackle before the wing and the chicabou moves down on the XS Tubing which lines the TTT. A phosphorescent XS Turbo ends it all. Last year many big fish took this mean black fly.