Last day - windy, damp, and not even near the notion that it’s actually Midsummer’s Eve today! I started in the Lower Canyon, caught a grilse, and fished down through the Washing Machine with just a little tug. Down in Home Pool a small ”Green Helmet” gave me a hefty fish at 6 kilos, which was the last of the trip. I spent the rest of the day photographing flies under water – awesome – and we perhaps managed to get one of the most important images for the new book. I fished by myself for a total of 5 days and got 15 nice fish, with the ones at 16 and 15.5 kg being the greatest. Another great fishing week is over. Now I’m looking forward to food, sleep, and then the helicopter back to civilization – but in 3 weeks I’m back for a new ”Master Class”!