Fishing warm weather conditions

Most of Scandinavia is sweltering in a heatwave. Salmon fishers are faced with low rivers and high water temperatures on many rivers. The salmon fisher is faced with very different conditions compared to the early spring season with few salmon around. Now he will often observe quite a lot of salmon in the river, but the summer conditions make them very difficult to lure. It’s time to shift tactics; fish extremely small flies at very high speed. People are often amazed by how tiny flies large salmon will take. And salmon are very fast, if they want to take, it is almost impossible to fish the fly too fast. Or go the other way and fish very deep with a large, bright fly. Salmon will often seek shelter from bright sunlight in deep water and thus compete for space there. A large fly disturbing them in their shelter may induce a take. In any case hot, sunny summer conditions are a challenge, and when salmon are showing all around you refusing a traditional setup, it is time to think out of the box. Tight lines this summer.

Jan Delaporte