Fat and fresh run from the Litza!

Litza is the river of heart! The most challenging, most technical and most interesting to fish. I visited Falls, fished a few cast on the middle but it was in Military Pool the first fresh fish of mine was landed. It took right where it should on a The Witch tied on the biggest TTT adapted with a loose body. This system works fantastic and also gives you the chance to change bodies, colour and thickness. Very flexible indeed! This was a strong 19 lbs, fat as a true Litza fish and beautiful like a dream. I lost one more fresh fish and actually saw the first two fresh ones for this trip. It’s slowly beginning to look like a salmon season. Chucky, my mate also landed a 23 lbs beauty opposite me – it’s always better when both catch fish. We celebrated in salmon heaven until the midnight sun asked us to go to bed.