Fantastic week in Cuba!

This year was the 25th time I went to the Caribbean. The 25th time, crazy, how hard it is not to return to the places you really like! This time we were a smaller group of just six men who would fish from ”La Reina”. The simplest boat, anchored at ”Bocca Grande”, a paradise! Everything was looking good and after a few necessary Mojitos and a bumpy buss ride we arrived at ”Juccaro”. Got on the boat and out on the sea - lovely.

The week was amazing. Good weather, a few windy mornings and about 150 ”jumping” tarpons and few other nice fish. A lot of big fish in the area and I managed to hook 44 and land 11- one out of four.. pretty much how it usually is. I had a few bigger fish to the boat, 80 and about 90 lbs, but the biggest one jump a couple times and went right in the corals and was lost - bloody hell, at least 120 lbs! They’re brutally strong and hard to control, and that’s probably what makes the fishing so exciting! Maybe the most thrilling fishing I know, to cast for a 100 + tarpon which is gliding in over the crystal white sand, it’s like a dream. Simply amazing…I fished my 12’s and once again found the salmon reels to weak. Now I’ll order an other super 11!

Sitting at home writing - cold, a bit snow falling from the sky… no sand… no mojitos… no salsa and far away from the fantastic tarpons! Dreaming back, comforting myself knowing next year’s trip is already booked! However the first salmon in Mörrum was caught today… time to focus on the salmon!