It was a bit weird not to have the brown cap on but well… everything is doable. We fished Blanda Beat 1. Blanda is a glacier river which is clear as long as is doesn’t melt too much. Now it was pretty unclear but the salmon keeps on running anyway. I fished a float h sink 4 which I had in my camera bag and a small fly from the "Salmon King” which I borrowed from Anders. Not like fishing my own stuff, but it worked. I had a handfull salmon, a couple nice 4-5 kilos and it went on quite well even though all my luggage is gone. Blanda was pretty nice, but it was unaccustomed to balance on the lava stones without any sight. As usual the black flies are the best ones on glacier water and it’s good to get down a bit under the surface! The lodge is homely and the food is great. Now I need my training clothes or I’ll get fat…

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