Artifishal Press Screening in Shoreditch, London

London press screening for the new Patagonia film was a great success! It’s a good feeling trying to make a difference and I actually think we are affecting the fish farming business, speeding up the change into sustainable closed containments. All of you – we need you to back the fight for the wild salmon.

On Thursday 21st March, Patagonia hosted an exclusive press screening of their new feature film, ARTIFISHAL. On behalf of Patagonia, Electric Cinema - just in the heart of Shoreditch - hosted 50 guests from various publications including Courier, Geological, Positive News, Another Escape and more! We kicked off the evening with food and drinks downstairs in the intimate reception room. This was the perfect opportunity for Canoe to catch up all the journalists and introduce them to the relevant panelist depending on their work, publication and interests. At 6:30 PM we migrated to the screening room where Lisa hosted an extremely insightful panel discussion alongside Mikael Frödin, Andrew Graham-Stewart and Corin Smith. The panel discussion allowed for attendees to better understand the issue in North America and Europe when watching the 75 minute feature film. Following the film, Lisa and the panelists opened up the floor for a round of Q&As. Our young and engaged audience asked some brilliant questions which really challenged the issue we’re currently facing and how we call for systematic change going forward. The participation from the crowd was absolutely incredible. So much so that we had to vacate the screening room and carry on conversations and questions upstairs in Barber & Parlour. The conversations throughout the second half of the evening carried on until about 10:30 PM until the venue closed. But fear not, we carried on just down the road to our local pub where Frodin and Corin chatted to their fans about some of their wildest stories in the fish farming industry throughout the years. Best to say, it was a brilliant night!