Alta - second day

The conditions keeps on making it difficult. Today we fished the upper part. Sure, we had a few fish och lost some. But the big ones, those we´re here for, haven´t showed yet... Some grilse and a couple 7-8 kilos is what we´ve got so far. I tried to ”hitch” a Simple Fly in Valliniva. A big careful back from a 10+ was the closest I got. The water have dropped to about half in one week, probably the reason why the fish is so hesitant. We´re trying everything: big, small flies, deep and on the surface. Maybe we should fish ever smaller flies. I´ll try that more tomorrow. We had a fantastic sunshine and a absolutely crazily beautiful rainbow - might have been what we´ll remember most from this day… Now I´ll go down to Nielo and fish a micro fly…!