Alta part 2 - big fish!

The second trip to Alta this year was to the top beat – Sautso. This part of the magical river is effected by the dam, the over fishing in the fjord and the genetic pollution from the terrible fish farming madness. This year I was going with my old friend Håkan ”Uncle Tempeldog”. Last time we fished Sautso together was back in 2000. That time we had one big fish and a couple of grilse plus probably the biggest pile of grayling ever caught. This year the fishing was better, a lot better!

High water through the season made the Sautso fish late. 5 foot of water dropped down to better 2,5. We had a great week with 9 fish to my rod. Four big proper Alta fish 20 and 24 lbs and the second pair weighing in at impressing 36 and 38 lbs – fantastic! I fished a bit smaller flies than last time. Caught the fish on 6 and 8 cm Pahtakorvas and Hamiltons. The best fly was a 8 cm Pahtakorva tied on a sample of the brand new FITS Turbo Tungsten Tube. A bit weighted it dive fast and despite the weight it gives a fly with a broad profile and great swimming. Cool - the first fish on the biggest size was the 36 lbs male. That’s a good baptise!

The hardest fight came from the 38 lbs. It was mean and heavy and never wanted to give up. Several long runs and high jump and massive pumping from me was seen on the slightly bent hook… The 36 lbs took the fly and burnt most of its steam in a long hard 100 m run thru Vaelliniva. This one fooled me a bit. In the dark water the broad side made me think it was even bigger. Extra adrenalin and 45 lbs dreams made it all magic.

The fantastic hardy Zephrus 14,6 and soft spinning Fortuna was my tackle, 2 rods of course with lines with different sink rate. The fish took medium deep. I brought the new drone and got some nice film on both big fish and the mighty Alta canyon. When things get a bit more relaxed I will make you a little film for the YouTube. Alta is magic ”Uncle Tempeldog” and I left Alta both with big fish and great memories, dreaming to be back next year!