PM #07 – Micro G.P Special

Presenting the 7th film of our series: Pattern of the Month!

G.P Special is Mikael’s version of the classic shrimp fly General Practitioner. This little “shrimp fly” can be extremely effective. We write “shrimp fly” because we have no believes in that salmon take it for being a boiled shrimp. The flat broad profile and strong colour is what we think triggers. We prefer to fish it fast on a good downstream belly, even though we have taken some great fish dangling it in cold water or fished on an upstream belly for the biggest sea trout. We present you both the modern G.P Special on a FITS plastic tubing and the exciting version tied on a TTT or BTT with loose bodies of your choice.

This Pattern of the Month pack consist of:

– SOS Organizing Wallet Small
– Pattern of the Month #07 G.P Special sticker
– SSS 12/0 Tying Thread White
– FITS Tubing Fl. Orange M
– FITS Tubing Black XS
– FITS Tungsten Turbo Cones FL. orange
– FITS ½ Turbo Cones Fl. Orange
– FITS TTT Fl. Orange
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Hot Orange In Flames
– SSS Holo Braid Alta Gold
– SSS Flash Hot Orange In Flames
– Orange barred rubber legs
– Orange cocks hackle
– Orange grizzly soft hackle/chicabou
– Medium straight hot orange nutria hair
– 1 whole golden pheasant tippet neck dyed hot orange

Fly of the Month pack consist of:

– SALAR Supreme Fly Wallet Small
– 3 x Micro G.P Special 3 cm
– 3 x Micro G.P Special 1.5 cm

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