PM #14 – Sillen Classic

Introducing the 14th pattern in the series!

Ever since we started this little series many has requested this fly to be the pattern of the month, and finally here it is! Sillen is a pattern that been with us since the early eighties. Hear Mikael call up his old buddy Roland Holmberg, the originator of the pattern. Hear Roland’s own words around this fantastic sunshine fly, when he fishes it and why. We fish it big and small, on a floater or big and deep for the early fish that just started to run our rivers. Nevertheless Sillen loves sun and the sunshine salmon loves Sillen.

If you want to tie or fish your own Sillen Classics, we offer you customized packs with fly tying materials and ready flies. Buy one-time packs, or better—join the subscription and get the packs delivered to you automatically every month at a beneficial price.

This Pattern of the Month pack consist of:

– SOS Organizing Wallet medium
– Pattern of the Month #14 Sillen Classic sticker
– FITS Tubing Fluor Blue M
– FITS Tubing White XS 
– FITS Tungsten ½ Turbo Cone Blue Metallic XS  
– Mirage tinsel
– SSS Holo Braid Clearwater blue
– SSS Holo Braid Sea Lice Silver
– SSS Glitz Clearwater Blue
– SSS Flash Hot Orange In flames
– SSS Angel Hair HD Clearwater Blue
– SSS Angel Diamond Pearl
– Medium Pure white fox hair
– Large black coloured fox hair
– Silver badger cocks hackle
– Light Blue Metz soft hackle
– Grizzly Metz soft hackle
– Synthetic jungle cock substitute

Fly of the Month #14 Sillen Classic pack consist of:

– Pattern of the Month #14 Sillen Classic sticker
– 2 x Sillen Classic 10 cm 
– 2 x Sillen Classic 8 cm 
– 2 x Sillen Classic 6 cm

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