The trial is over

I am exhausted but satisfied with all so far. They say the Alta court never seen this many people. It was very good to feel the great support but also good that I was given room to say what I wanted, to explain how urgent this matter is.
– We can’t lose the wild salmon stocks on the fish farming altar!
I am being asked if I won, the court will give the sentence next week, but the simple answer is that we have not won until the industry is moved in to closed systems.

Keep fighting for healthy ecosystems and wild strong fish!

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I think it’s very good what you do but unfortunately it’s the same all over the world if it depends on money.
It would be so easy if all persons did not buy these fish.
But greed is cool tells us the advertising.
It is the right way to educate people about the bad quality they buy and what is done to the environment.
Although we have no salmon in Austria, we also try to preserve the few natural rivers.
But I’m looking forward to the next trip to Norway and I want to do that for many more years.
Greetings from Austria
Schanda Thomas

Thomas April 02, 2019

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