The crazy -big fish Friday...

Our last day this time here in Salmon paradise! A day that should be very special _ so special that I will probably write a separate story about this day! I will try to make a long story short.. It all started in guys where I lost a nice fish after quite a long battle. I left Anders on right side and fished from the cliff on the other side. On very short line, only 5-6 m I hooked a nice 17-18 lbs fish that gave me a great fight. I kept on going after a coffee and a photo session. On Long line my “Whitch” was taken by a heavy fish. It turned and head downstream shoot of like a torpedo. I run stumbled waded after but was defeated… 50 m 100m- 150m- after more than 200 m line out in got pulled over a rock and my backing broke! Fu… second time in a week that I loose a line to a crazy fish! I took the other rod and walked down to Upper Canyon where I landed a smaller but great fish. Anders hooked up on the other side… The fish left the pool and Anders risking a bit much maybe followed down the rapids and managed to land it in a pocket above lower canyon. A fantastic achievement! He wrecked his waders bleeding from his hands, bruised but god he did it!
I went back to the tail of Guys and on a Green Samurai I landed a nice 12 lbs hen. After our lunch we fished Falls. Anders fished left side and I rigged my fastest sinking gear and hooked a nice one high up on the right side. It left the pool but I managed to land it in a pocket a couple of hundred meters below. Back up a few casts later next fish took and left the pool. I run like a mad man half way to Guys before it came of. Hart beating like crazy.. beaten defeated back upp again… a few casts further down I hard take from an even bigger fish! No chance to hold it when I shoot of down stream. At Birch Tree, 500 m below it came of… I winded back 150 m, I was laying down exhausted – beaten! After quite some time I was back up only to hook next fish … It was just madness! The last thing that happened was that a a few smaller fish entered. Anders & Toni landed one nice fish each and I lost another one. I t was just one of those days!
Bacvk we found out that Johannes hooked a great fish that got tangled in my line. I got the shooting line back but Johannes lost the fish.
A crazy day for me. Landed 4, only 4… got badly beaten by another 4 and lost two more.. A day that will be remembered long time…

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