...on our way home!

Up in the dark for a few hours of fishing, we were met by clouds and wind. The great weather was gone and morning fishing in a reasonably protected channel yielded nothing. The expected unstable return journey was surprisingly calm. Fleet One is a very stable boat, better than the old Halcon as propably rolled many into seasick darkness. Overall we could compile a week with fewer hooked fish than we hoped for. 29 tarpon to the boat and another 60’s hooked was the result. In addition, some Jacks, many snappers, bonefish and then as I said, the icing - one Permit and my first grand slam! Despite the relative slow fishing we were all full of impressions, of the fights and adrenaline fueled moments. Moreover, the memories of countless meals of a class that the best seafood restaurangs are struggling to achieve. A great week as always in the "Queen’s Garden".