Naeröy opening!

Mike, Peter and I went over to Naeröy where we met up with Öyvind and his gang. A lot of fish in the pools, crystal clear water so we could count them. We saw five just the few minutes we stopped at ”Hagahölen”. The clock was 12 and Mike started at ”Fyrstehölen”, fishing nicely trough with no result, I tried fishing a bit deeper, a few pulls but no real take, frustrating! We tried a couple more places and at 03 we were back at the same spot and it was my turn. Super hard take, once again one of the Mikkeli Samurais was on the leader. After a good fight I landed my first in Naeröy this year. 96 cm super fat male on about 9,5 kilos! After a few hours sleep it was time to fish again. Trough several pools without any result… Before we would go back to Bolstadelva I tried up in the white water in Hagahölen. The take came deep and hard on a large Green Samurai. After a crazy fight a happy angler could land the second of the day. 94 cm female on about 9 kilos. Great opening in Naeröy!