Last day Bolstad

The rain pouring down and a dramatically rising river. Soon when it reaches 200 m3 were done! One pull in Osen and one pull by the same fish as been onto Peter fly before. Arrived at Rongahölen and Peter left me alone. The tail is really exciting, had fish here before. Now the water so high I almost didn’t reach the rock. 700 grains and a fat Black Green Helmet with the new tungsten cone gave me one take far out. Heavy stream and crazy fish - run run run… 100 meters 200 meters.. hell! After a while it stopped and I found out the water was doing most of the job, the fish wasn’t gigantic. Got it to the bank and Peter who went back took several nice pictures. We scanned it and then released it. 8-9 kilos and 89 cm… The Bolstad fishing is over - time for Åälva!