Kharlovka - Good start!


Finally we arrived at the camp. Hungry for fish and curious if the last week´s fantastic fishing would last. 208 salmon and the biggest on 36 lbs was the great result. When everyone were ready it was time for lunch and a small introduction to the "Master Class" week. Small talks to breakfast and dinner and coaching on the river, together with ordinary fishing. Saturday afternoon we had a few fish. I fixed with the projector and prepared for the "Perfect Drift" talk and after that - Home Pool! I fished down the pool once, two pulls and one lost medium size fish was the result. + 20 cm on the meter and 13 degrees in the water - OK!


The first complete fishing day I went with my national mates Meta and her husband Wolfgang. Falls and Guys Pool - amazing! Falls was loaded with fish! Meta had several pulls on her Dee Sheep och finally she had a sealiced 5 kilos - happiness! Two more pulls and then time for lunch. Pretty good morning in the sunshine. Before lunch I walked down the neck, a grilse and a 6 kilos on a thin Dee Sheep. How easy it can be sometimes... After lunch I went with Wolfgang, a fishing globetrotter who had everything everywhere. One lost at the neck of Guys Pool was all. The last hours of the day I fished upper and lower Canyon. A grilse in the middle and far down on the neck a hard pull and a big "boil" ooh... Another throw and another "boil"... I rested the fish and swapped the Simple Fly for a small Pahtakorva. A cracking take and the fish went mad down the river. I ran like crazy to discover that the fish wash´t bigger than 6 kilos, but great anyway. Strong fighting fish! Now it´s time for World Cup final! The Germans in the camp are crazy and the rest are hoping for Argentina...