First salmon on the fly landed!

We all fish for enjoyment or due to a passionate love for the sport. Regardless of whether we are coarse angling, ice fishing, jigging for cod, jerk baiting for pike, dry fly fishing for Atlantic salmon on a floating line. But isn’t it incredible how we squabble sometimes? The Atlantic salmon is a finer fish that the Baltic salmon, the pike is viscous and vile, cod are stupid, trout too small, fly fishing is for snobs, trolling fishermen are diesel burners and spin fishers are meat slayers. But no! I am really fed up with narrow-minded anglers. Open your mind and let the joy of fishing be the joy of fishing!
In order to build a bridge over these disputed waters, I decided that now was the time to act. The big, bright salmon at sea was going to be caught on a fly! Despite thousands of salmon on the fly from rivers worldwide, this challenge had a magnetic appeal on me. Under the slogan ‘Fly fishing nerds trolling for salmon’ Håkan Norling and I ventured out to sea. We brought all our fly fishing expertise, double-hand and single-hand rods, floating and heavy sinking lines, fly tying stuff and about 1,000 flies of all kinds with us. Our old friend from Norwegian rivers, Johan Abelsson, nowadays a skilled salmon boat skipper, was happy to join the challenge. Yesterday, in rough seas, we had a hard take on fatty blue and white herring imitation on a tube (tube fly) – 7.5 kilo bright, silvery salmon. The first salmon landed on the fly!
I knew it was possible, and now the code will have to be cracked, i.e. which fly rods work best, which lines, sinking rates, leader lengths and flies. Stay tuned, the report will be published in an article in the Swedish fishing magazine very soon!