20 years after the cult declared SALAR Rods designed by Mikael Frödin for Aktiv Fritid—we give you the updated SALAR S2 Rod Series. We are proud to work with the best rod factory in the world using the latest high-tech materials and production set up. The result is the most delicate salmon rods with the most powerful kick we ever tried! The series covers all possible salmon fishing conditions, from the tiniest gin clear spate river and a floater to the flooded big river and heavy grain lines.
SALAR S2 10' 5pcs Single Handed Rod

SALAR S2 10' Single Handed Rod

8 900 kr
SALAR S2 12'6" 6pcs Double Handed Rod

SALAR S2 12'6 Double Handed Rod

10 900 kr
SALAR S2 14' 6pcs Double Handed Rod

SALAR S2 14' Double Handed Rod

12 900 kr
SALAR S2 15' 6pcs Double Handed Rod

SALAR S2 15' Double Handed Rod

13 900 kr
SALAR S2 Rod Series

SALAR S2 Rod Series

40 000 kr

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