We love classic designs, the S- handle reels been with us ever since Edward Vom Hofe started making reels back in 1867. 2021 we give you our first ever Frödinflies reel series. Classic design meets high tech German engineering. We have chosen to work with Ralf Vosseler, his experience and high-quality technical solutions together with our fishing experience and design desires resulted in the SALAR Reel series. After two years of hard testing on big salmon around the world we are now ready to launch this high-performance limited-edition classic reel series. On Mikaels sample testing trips he has taken bookings on reels and that with great interest. Today there are only a few series available with even fewer single reels in the three sizes. We sell the last reels on a first come first served policy. Great reels and a great investment for the future!

We take priority in selling complete numbered 1-100/100 series. All reels come in a high quality embossed black block leather case.