PM #21 – Classic Pahtakorva

695 kr


Pahtakorva is our best-known pattern. This is the classic version close to the original. A fly that has taken tens of thousands of great fish on salmon rivers around the world. A fantastic fly voted the best fly on the world’s best salmon river - The Alta. It’s a general fly–a fly that works on various conditions, but maybe best on that tea-coloured river. The Classic version with its medium profile is a general standard also when the river clears up a bit. Every year this fly is on the top three in Mikael’s own fishing journal.


– SOS Organizing Wallet M
– Classic Pahtakorva sticker
– FITS Tubing Bronze M
– FITS Tubing Fluor Orange XS
– FITS Tungsten 1/2 Turbo Cones Copper XS 
– SSS Holo Braid Pahtakorva Bronze
– SSS Holo Braid Alta Gold
– SSS Angel Hair Nasty Rusty
– SSS Angel Hair HD Pahtakorva Bronze
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Pahtakorva Bronze
– Mirage tinsel
– Fire fluor orange crafts fur

– Orange badger cocks hackle
– Black dyed pheasant rump feathers
– Black soft hackle
– Medium fiery brown soft hair
– Large fiery brown soft hair
– Synthetic jungle cock substitute
– Orange dyed peacock eye feather