The Winner of the Butterfly Fly Tying Competition

Thank you all for sending your photos for the Butterfly fly tying competition! We got more than 100 entries and hope that you can excuse us being a bit late with going trough all the flies and announcing the result.

It’s great to see how many good tiers there are out there and also to get influenced by the way you use the Butterfly technique. It was extremely hard to judge the flies and the innovations you created. We both, Håkan and I, think there are many really good fishing flies and both think that the Butterfly tying technique is here to stay!

The winner is: Christer Hägg with his "The Morrish Ostrich". Christer has sent in a few flies. All being innovative and tied in a beautiful way. We think that this should be the winner because the innovative way of tying a skating fly. We like the innovative body to balance the hook, the broad flat profile and to all Norwegians we have to say that it’s not because of the Swedish flag! We both love to skate this for big fresh salmon.

We also want to announce a second price to Benjamin Gödde for his very nice version of the GP special. Both Håkan and myself will copy this for sure. Also Ben contributed with several very nice ties.

For third price we have Robin Thomassen with his discrete Peacock Butterfly. A great way to tie on the classic “Alexandra”. We see too little of the peacock sword feathers in to days style of flies – well done!

Christer will have his 300€ gift card and we will ship a gift to second and third price winners. We also asked Christer to do us a small step by step blog on how he ties his skater.

Thank you all for participating! Stay strong and tie on.

Winner: The Morrish Ostrich Butterfly, by Christer Hägg

G.P Special Butterfly, tied by Benjamin Gödde

Peacock Butterfly, tied by Robin Thomassen

Butterfly Prawn, tied by Christer Hägg

Silver Wilkinsson Butterfly, tied by Benjamin Gödde

Willie Gun Butterfly, tied by Benjamin Gödde

Gandalf Butterfly, tied by Daniel Jonsson

Butterfly, tied by Samuel Karlsson

Butterfly, tied by Robert Forsner