The new SALAR Supreme fly boxes!

Finally our new boxes are here… and ready to be filled with deadly flies! The SALAR Supreme series consists of four different boxes. Two small 14x6 cm - our “micro/skater/dry fly box” with five compartment and our small “Samurai box” with three long compartments for slimmer and small flies. The two bigger boxes are both double sided. The smaller one 18x7,5 cm with two full length compartments, three for medium size flies and two for hooks. Our big box 18x10 cm has one side with three full-length compartments and one side with three for medium sized flies and four hook compartments. The two double-sided boxes have reliable hinges and opens full to give a small “fly selecting tray”.

SALAR Supreme series gives you huge possibilities to storage your flies just like you want them! Together with our SALAR Supreme Fly Wallets we can offer you the perfect storage for most flies.

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