SSS Flash soon it’s here!

Sitting and tying with the approved SSS flash samples - shit what good it is! Mixtures consisting of both "crinkle strands", "mirage" and "mirror strands and a little bit of HD SSS Aangel Hair gives a flashmix that is just completely raw! It doubles just fine, soft and swiming, and how hard I rub it doesn’t tangle! good - now I just have to get the 15 SSS colors in a flash hanger so is my happiness complete!
The SSS Flash is coming in the 15 cool SSS color blends are what I understand on the go in a giant box from the manufacturer in the big country to the west. Soon it will be in the stores. Cut and packed in 30cm lengths and double the amount of a "normal flash bag" its not only great to tie with, but long enough for the largest pike or saltwater flies and enough for hundreds of ordinary "scandi tubes".

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