New Salar Supreme Fly Wallets!

The first part of our brand new Salar Supreme Fly Wallet & Box series, now in stock!

The best way to store tube flies is without doubt a fly wallet. Mikael Frödin stopped storing his big flies in boxes many years ago. Sure, boxes make it easy to survey flies, but wings will be squashed, hair & hackle fibres will brake and the flies will worn out before even being fished. A Salar Supreme Fly Wallet holds hundreds of flies without them being damished. Our Salar Supreme Fly Wallets comes in two sizes. 20x13,5 cm for very big to medium flies and 15x11,5 cm for medium to small flies. Both have 5 pockets. One ventilated where wet flies can dry without being damaged. Our Wallets is made of a thick durable plastic with a simple but strong and reliable zip.

Check it out under Salar Supreme in the webshop!

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